Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Royals roar back to 30 games under .500 - How Offensive

Wow, it took 6 outs by Soria tonight to beat Oakland 4-3 at the Raiders Black Hole. It sucks for the A's to play in that crappy converted football stadium. I'd feel worse for them if Charlie Finley hadn't moved the A's from KC to Oakland in 1967.

Maybe I'd be watching the Kansas City A's instead of the Royals sorry excuse for a team. I should be more optimistic after a win but really... is there any question why we're 30 games under .500?

Kansas City Royals Offense 2009

Team BA - Dead last in the AL
Team OBP - Dead last in the AL
Team HR - #13 in the AL
Team Runs Scored - #13 in the AL
Team RBI - #13 in the AL
Team BB - #13 in the AL
Team SB - Tied for dead last in the AL
Team SLG - #12 in the AL
Hitter VORP - Dead last in AL & MLB
Team Defensive Efficiency - Dead last in AL & MLB

Memo to Dayton & Trey: There's only 14 teams in the AL. That means our current players... SUCK

I know the bullpen has been total shit but this is about our pathetic offense. It's hard to believe how we've wasted some of the great starting pitching we've had this season. You see, you can't win if you can't get on base. Or hit, or steal, or slug, or drive runners in.

Your only choice is to blow this roster up and start over in the off season.

Non-Pitching Roster Moves for 2010

Guillen - Release or Trade
Butler - Keep
Teahen - Release or Trade
Gordon - Keep
Bloomquist - Keep
Callaspo - Keep
Jacobs - Release or Trade
Olivo - Release or Trade
Pena - Keep
Buck - Keep
Betancourt - Release or Trade
DeJesus - Keep
Anderson - DFA
Maier - DFA
Crisp - Release
Aviles - Keep

Like Nike says Just DO IT.

Bite the bullet with the under-performing big contracts. - Guillen, Betancourt, Olivo, Jacobs

I've seen enough of Teahen. He's basically the same statistically as DeJesus but with less walks and more strike outs. He's not gonna get any younger and he ain't gonna change now. He always fails in clutch situations.

Bloomquist is your utility guy, Anderson isn't. He's not even a MLB quality player. Neither is Maier.

Start Pena at C, Buck is the backup, they alternate at DH

Butler at 1B

Callaspo at 2B

Aviles at SS

Gordon at 3B


Sign a good OBP Free Agent at LF

Sign a good OBP Free Agent at RF

Sign 2 or 3 good OBP bench guys. No, not anyone on the roster now.

Pull the trigger Dayton. While you're at it, fire Trey Hillman. Maybe get Sparky Anderson or someone with a pulse.

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